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The Code of Destiny may make many well-known events in human history appear in a new light. Considering the calculations, perhaps the fifth wife of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, who was beheaded in front of the Tower on July 28, 1540, was Henry’s only great love and the timing of John F. Kennedy’s death was no coincidece . The success of Mozart’s “Figaro” was clearly “predetermined” and Vincent van Gogh could have lived to his own glory, because in his destiny code the date of his success as a painter, 19 years after his death, was already fixed.

Is my destiny fixed?

Is my destiny fixed, or do I determine how my life is going? Is the timing of events such as meeting someone's dream partner, the end of a relationship or the great career opportunity predetermined?

This Book gives the Answer!

Michael Koroll shows on the basis of numerous biographies of prominent personalities that the moment for love, success, happiness, but also for separation or a shock is already established.

Whether in the love life of Boris Becker, the health of John F. Kennedy or the career of Elvis Presley. Almost everywhere I came across cycles. I asked myself, “If some people repeat the subject of love, success or, for example, health problems at such regular intervals, would this pattern continue in the future?” The idea for the “Destiny Code” was born.

Exciting life stories illustrate biographical patterns

People who are not in the public, tell authentically and without taboos of their incisive fate experiences. The analysis of all data proves: Every human lives according to a personal, biographical pattern.

Your Timing for Success is predictable

Unlock your personal destiny timing, and prepare for your next success, your new love, your big opportunity!

I assigned topics, like e.g. partnership and love, quite specifically to calendar data, clear cycles let themselves be seen. The well known “darned seventh year” seems that way in a completely new connection. Marriage, birth of the first child, separation from the partner often found in the same distances get to know. Triumphs and defeats succeeded one another in certain intervals. The cyclical repetitions reached some people exactly for the month, there were low deviations at others. A regularity nevertheless let itself be seen, in which instead of the event found.

Your Personal Cycle Plan becomes visible

A guide with easy-to-understand illustrations helps you to determine your personal cycle plan.

The Chinese Edition of the Book

The book "The Destiny Code has also been published in a Chinese edition.

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O nce I asked an interviewee, after we had analyzed together her fate code, how she would use the information for herself. Her answer: “If I know that it continues and the next window of time for my happiness is already established, it gives me the courage. The dry spell until then, I will also go through “. For the first time, I realized perhaps the most important effect of my work. For me, that was a new dimension of the destiny code that I had underestimated until then: the hope that people can gain from knowing their own patterns of life, the confidence they desperately need to cope with their crises.
Destiny Timing - Finally something new !, 01.07.2010 by Herbert K. · Wuppertal
ell, that's a thing with fate. There are hundreds of books describing procedures, with which one's own destiny is supposed to be predictable. Most of what I consider to be untrustworthy spotting kiekerei. So, if you buy the book "The Destiny Code" with the expectation of getting a handbook for destiny calculation, you will certainly be disappointed. He should stay better with the many numerology or astrology books. I must admit that I, too, first thought the book was one of those esoteric life-support works. The Code of Destiny, however, approaches the topic of destiny in a very unusual way. As I focused more closely on the approach of Birgit Lechtermann and Michael Koroll, I had to change my prejudice quickly. It is indeed within the book no instructions for the calculation of your own destiny code delivered (which in my opinion would also be untrue). However, the approach to the novel calculations by Michael Koroll is described in a well comprehensible way step by step.

Here's my note in bullet points:

1. Using cycles of fate and events of already lived life as a basis for future periods is new and a credible and exciting approach

2. If fate is predictable, it will hardly be possible to make it comprehensible to anyone in a 200-page manual.

3. The examples from the biographies of prominent people are documented and verifiable for everyone.

4. Anyone can use the book to find their own life cycles (I've actually found them)

5. The biographies are exciting and make you want more. This is more than most books dealing with fate deliver in this regard. So I really hope that this approach will be followed up by the authors and in the next step a software o.ä. with which everyone can determine their own codes.

My verdict: For curious people who are open to new ideas, highly recommended!
User Manual for your own destiny ?, 06.10.2009 by Elisabeth M. · Munich
mplying it straight away: The book is not a manual for the calculation of one's own destiny, but the crucial part is the interpretation of a world view, the occurrence of fateful events looking for temporal and qualitative patterns. This approach is very different from the conventional mystifying viewpoint, which presents fate as a little-gracious, higher power.

I personally believe that the authors have recognized and described in the fact that human fate is based on a pattern underlying an important phenomenon of life. I know many examples from my personal life and from the circle of acquaintances, which confirms me in this conviction. Many people will probably already intuitively recognize the principle described in the book as correct. The basic statement is a very good approach and distinguishes the book pleasantly from others, such as "The Secret". It encourages the reader, taking advantage of their own fate-timing, to take responsibility and thus the possibility of active life into their own hands.

The view of meaningfulness of blows of fate, the presented method and the guidance section are very helpful and practicable. The authentic interviews and well-researched biographies make the book an exciting excursion into a topic that affects us all.
Destiny once refreshingly different, 06.10.2009 by Margo S. · Berlin
gain such an esoteric nonsense! "I thought and then bought, curious as I am, but the book by Birgit Lechtermann and Michael Koroll, the discoverer of fate To my surprise, it turned out that the book was anything but esoteric.

Based on authentic life stories, exciting interviews and the biographies of well-known personalities, Lechtermann and Koroll explain the basic principle of complicated calculations. The fate code is a seven-digit number chain that changes, perhaps comparable to an odometer. This begins to count at the time of birth and continues, which I find particularly exciting, beyond death.

Anyone who previously thought that there were coincidences will have to think again after reading the book. Identical code numbers, which always show up in similar events, prove that there are some times windows that influence the outcome of situations, both positive and negative.

That is, whenever a great love begins, one number appears in the calculations, another whenever it comes to an end. Thanks to the simple instructions in the book, I now know that I am a ten-year-old and that my next stroke of luck will begin in 2010 at the latest. Just this information was worth the purchase of the book 😉

My opinion: recommended.
Goal! Destiny Happens Everybody, 02.10.2009 by A. Parker · Frankfurt
he topic of destiny has always fascinated me. In the book by Birgit Lechtermann and Michael Koroll is written timely and captivating about it. It is about predictable life cycles, which can be proven in the life of every human being. Everyone knows the "darn seventh year", no one can explain it.

In the book Destiny Code, this phenomenon is logically presented for the first time. With the help of the manual I have discovered my own cycles. I was able to find out that I am a seven year old type. I experienced that myself in my last relationship. She went to pieces after seven years. (Next time I'll pay attention)

Patterns derived from my already lived life will continue in the future. That seems logical to me. I also believe that the times for love and other important events in life are fixed. The complete destiny code can not be calculated from the book. That's too complicated. The hit rate of the fate code seems to be really very high. However, I'm not sure if I want to know everything so exactly what to expect. However, I am very interested in when I encounter my great love.

Finally, someone has tackled the subject of destiny once without esoteric frippery. Factual, journalistic and exciting written. For me, the life stories of great personalities have never been described so exciting. The interviews in which Birgit Lechtermann interviewed ordinary people about their fate are particularly interesting. All have taken their lives back after small and big blows of fate and have not waited for a miracle.

For all those who have read the book "The Secret", "The Destiny Code" by Lechtermann and Koroll is an absolute "must". That's exactly what I missed in The Secret.

My recommendation: definitely read!
5 out of 5 stars The Fate Code - Simply Fascinating By Claudia Brammen on April 5, 2010
fter I read the book recommendation "The Destiny Code" in a women's magazine, I went in search of more information about this book. When I got these over a few recesses, I knew I had to read that book. My only hope was not to succumb to a new hokospoko about the past and the future, for there are enough glass balls and Tanrot card theses. I was absolutely positively surprised.

Birgit Lechtermann and Michael Koroll have impressively described how our lives can be divided into certain cycles, which are always repeated. The calculations of Hr. Corollary may seem incomprehensible to some, but looking at one's own life, one will be surprised that it is also subject to life cycles.

I can absolutely recommend the "Destiny Code", because especially the biographies of John F. Kennedy and Steve Jobs are impressively described and explained.

Is there any insight into our future - and can we deduce it from our own past? Everybody should form their own opinion about that, the "fate code" can contribute a lot.
Our life leaves its mark, 29.03.2010 by Andreas B. · Hamburg
he Book Code of Destiny by Birgit Lechtermann and Michael Koroll is really exciting, although I do not read books of this kind otherwise. The authors really enjoy a different approach to the theme of life patterns. While they do not provide a complete guide to creating your own destiny code in the book, no one will want to seriously recalculate using the calculator as complicated as a complete life pattern. Anyone looking for an instruction manual to analyze their fate is certainly better served with books dealing with numerology or astrology than with the book "The Code of Destiny."

What is described in the book as destiny timing, I could easily understand in self-experiment. It was quite possible for me to determine seven-, nine- or ten-year cycles in my own life. One thing is certain after reading the book: I am deeply impressed by the life stories described in the book. As a psychologist, I am very close to the systemic approach and know that there are patterns of life that are inherited over generations. After reading the book, I ask myself, is the fate code also inheritable?

There is a very interesting book on pattern rehearsals in families: "Coming home again. Tracing Family History Stories«, by Monica McGoldrick. The Code of Destiny is an interesting addition to this topic for me. In any case, I'm very curious to see how The Code of Destiny 2 will continue. Maybe this interesting aspect will be addressed and cross-generational networks revealed ...

My opinion: highly recommended.
Desti for Doers, 09.10.2009 by Stefan F. · Brunswick
ertainly a difficult topic, which the authors tackled, especially since almost everything that can be written about fate has already been written. Nevertheless, The Destiny Code by Birgit Lechtermann and Michael Koroll is different. The book is written for people who are not patiently waiting for a higher power to present the desired results. It is a book for creators who consciously take their lives in their own hands.

The term fate-timing coined by Coroll says it aptly: Fate sets the timing, we humans must actively use the (calculable) time windows for us. Although the calculations are not completely open to me, nevertheless I am sensitized by the interesting interviews and the spectacular biographies for an old familiar topic.
2 out of 5 stars. Interesting Idea - But The Cat Lays In The Sack. By Ralf Westphal on March 2, 2010
ithout a doubt, the idea of ​​a "Destiny Code" is interesting. Rhythms determine our lives - day & night, seasons, social development phases ... Why should not "dispositions" to positives and negatives in life be subject to certain individual rhythms?

Michael Koroll makes it seem as if he had seriously dealt with this question and came to tangible results. These can be applied to nearly 200 of the 256 pages in the form of "life analyzes" of more or less famous people. Of course, his material is not scientifically prepared for the book; I miss - if I am right - any negative examples, i. e. Fate code analyzes that have not promoted significant signage. But that was not even attributed to the two authors. The book wants to convey a positive message: "Your life is not arbitrary, but is certainly subject to laws or regularities. If you know them, then you can draw strength from them."

The book gets only two stars from me for another reason: It promotes me "Decrypt your personal destiny timing" and provides no real guidance. Three "tools" are presented in the book, with which a look at the rhythms of a life can be thrown. A spiral diagram, a "tachograph" and a matrix. Spiral diagram and tachograph are easy to make yourself. This is a nice exercise for a longer winter evening. However, the true fate code analysis, the one that stands behind the fates spread out in the book, is not really explained.

The author says on demand in an email: "Because of the complexity of the calculations, I have decided while working on the book to bring readers closer to the principle of destiny cycles and time qualities, but without them further insight into the calculation formulas to give.
3 out of 5 stars. Interesting, but the calculation formula is not mentioned, still useful. By Amy TOP 1000 REZENSENT on August 13, 2015
he book is interesting, especially since I know someone who vows to own a 7-year cycle, I've become curious as to whether this applies to my life as well. First everything was quite plausible and the examples very helpful. I used tables instead of the round charts, which proved to be much clearer. In fact, in some areas of my life, there were definite annual cycles.

Later in the book, however, complicated formulas were repeatedly mentioned, which contradict the simplicity of the previously described. In addition, there should be double cycles per area of ​​life, which contradicts the statements from the beginning of the book and has confused me, especially since I could find out without calculation formulas at least some of the cycles by said very simple table (per column one column, the lines are the years of life) and using the examples given.

The calculation formula is never mentioned. Nevertheless, I could personally draw some profit from this book for myself. Unfortunately, these cycles are such that in many cases they can only be found out when something has already happened. Some eighteen-year-old readers will hardly draw as much benefit from it as I, who is nearly forty. But for this point, the authors can do nothing. Nevertheless, one could at least have mentioned the calculation formula, which is so complicated, at least once, if one is made hot all the time to decide for oneself whether one is such a math-cripple. 😉
Since I still find the book useful, I give neutral three stars. Without this secrecy, it would be a really good book.
Respect! - also at fate, 08.10.2009 by Monika T. · Hannover
am one of the people who use the word destiny whenever it comes to a different time than it was planned to do. I'll probably do that in the future as well, with one caveat. I will now grant fate the beautiful surprises. The book The Code of Destiny by Lechtermann and Coroll has made me think. Do we humans actually have something like a fate-timing? Have we just become blind to the signs of fate? Are we ignoring the things we really want to do, ignoring our inner voice, which always gives us the right inspiration, advising us to do the right thing for us?

The fates and biographies in the book have made one thing very clear to me: Only a few fateful events that were reported by Birgit Lechtermann's interview partners were really planned. If there really is this "fate plan" that Michael Koroll has discovered with his destiny code, then even the many unpleasant things that happen to us in our lives are not flaws in the plan, but the plan itself

Koroll and Lechtermann touched on the difficult topic of fate objectively and yet sensitive and wrote a book that I would like to recommend to anyone who wants to look a little "around the corner", looking for interesting food for thought or just want to read exciting life stories.

Against the background of the code of fate, many events known to us from the lives of great people appear in a new light.
New thinking. 07.10.2010 by Markus Oetliker · St.Gallen
ome time ago I came across the book "Destiny Code" by chance. The title fascinated me immediately. I decided to buy this book. Slowly, then faster and faster, I read one page at a time. Did I happen to find what I had been looking for? The question of whether our fate was inevitable or not seemed to lead to a solution. In the book "The Destiny Code" I came across approaches that seem completely logical to me. Is life logical?

Albert Einstein expressed it as follows: Pure logical thinking does not give us any knowledge of their real world. All knowledge of reality begins with experience and ends with it. All the statements one comes to are completely empty of reality.
End quote.

What use all these methods such as astrology, numerology as well as, for example, chirology, if we know dispositions, good dispositions and our gifts, but not the way how to use them optimally? In that sense, one would have to say that all the lives we have lived have been in vain, since we always have to start all over again. Are the gifts that the soul may bring with us as our "capital" to us, that we discover exactly these gifts and implement them as quickly as possible?

Our lives seem to be very complex anyway, and how often do we stand at a point where we wonder who we really are and what the benefits of our lives are? There are more and more questions, the older I get - that's my conclusion.

In the code of fate, to come back to it, I got almost like an "accounting overview" of all the events. I tried to grasp the single destiny code like an account on a chart of accounts. It is in the life that one thinks from time to time and takes stock.

The individual codes do not necessarily state that an event must necessarily coincide with it. As far as I understand it, there are respective time windows that can then favor an event or we miss out on an opportunity. So I'm wondering, what would happen if I knew that in the near future, a Triumph code would be in sight? Or in a disease in which one suffers great pain and I know that, for example, open a window in three months, which offers me the chance to heal?

However, as I looked through all the codes, I also realized that you could exactly track how it felt for me. Michael Koroll has certainly made his thoughts on the individual codes and has also developed a special way of looking at these codes based on his experiences so far. I would now say that one should deal with his life very intensively in order to correctly assign the formative experiences.

The book gives a deep insight into a, until then unknown, view of life. However, the book also made me curious about the benefits for my clients. Especially as naturopathic practitioner, I could imagine to be able to bring the customer a great benefit with the help of the fate code. For people who "digest" bad events, it would be a great help if I could tell them that a window will open in a certain amount of time, allowing for change. How these are then used is another topic.

However, this can not be done with the book. The book gives a great idea to see yourself from another angle. We humans would probably understand certain circumstances in life if we knew what to expect. However, this requires a special computer program that can be used to perform these calculations.

Many customers who visit me do not just want to talk about their suffering, but they want me to be able to offer you solutions. Each of these solutions can trigger a motivating force. In my 17-year career as a companion and therapist of humans, I have been able to experience time and again what happened to these people when they saw and seen a solution. Heavy fatalities can not be solved by talking alone. In addition to understanding and respect, a person needs motivation to free himself from awkward situations - and sometimes a window of opportunity is open which favors that very force.

Conclusion: The book shows me that although a lot in our lives depends on fate, similar to our genetic material, but there are always opportunities for positive change. It is known today that 90% of the genetic material could change, if only one would know how. How far hope and faith awakens the power to change remains